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“Show what is different and outstanding”

Text and photo: Henni Purtonen

German Torres Mora moved to Helsinki in order to do his Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Social Sciences. After finishing his studies at the National University of Colombia and working for a while in his home country, he travelled all the way to Northern Europe to enhance his knowledge of Development Studies.

Torres Mora explains that in Colombia fairs are usually organised for young entrepreneurs or for companies in the private sector looking for new employees, so this is the first time for him to attend a careers fair targeted for social scientists.

– I’m impressed by this kind of events! This was a brilliant opportunity to get more information about different organisations working in our sectors and what they expect from us, Torres Mora says.

How do you see the work opportunities in your field?

– I think we Social Sciences professionals should be very proactive to find our jobs. There are many options but we need to expand our social networks and have a clear idea about what we want for our future. The most important thing is to know what is different and outstanding in our CVs and what we can do to achieve better results for organisations we expect to work with, Torres Mora explains.

As a student of development studies he is generally interested in developmental matters and the egalitarian integration of the so-called undeveloped countries in the global system.

– My dream job is one that allows me to apply my knowledge and experience in a creative way. I hope to attend more events like this soon, he says and smiles.

Social Scientists' Careers Fair was organised by the faculty association Kannunvalajat together with the union Yhteiskunta-alan korkeakoulutetut and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

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