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Social scientists as startup entrepreneurs?

What is this buzz around startup companies? Are they only for engineers or tech gurus? Well they sure aren’t! This is a story of one social scientist making a splash in the Finnish startup scene. Jarkko Nissinen is a co-founder of Knoppi, a visionary platform that enables interdisciplinary peer learning among students. What has he got to say to social scientists about startup stuff? "Young people are searching for value-based working communities and the startup scene interests people right now compared to other forms of doing work", he says. Jarkko also feels that “the startup scene offers a platform for freedom and upbeat vibes!” Well, what’s the deal with social scientists being startup entrepreneurs? According to Jarkko, leading and changing mindsets in communities are important skills in the startup industry. Students of social sciences study these skills. Flexible perspective for understanding customer needs is also something to underline in this field. According to Jarkko even though startups might not save the whole Finnish economy, they contribute to the atmosphere. “But of course, successful companies create wealth around us”, he says. Jarkko is such an inspiring person, and speaks to you at the fair at 11:00 in Valssaamo!

Text: Henni Purtonen & Lilja Kettunen

Photo: Veeti Haapsamo

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